Kafferostare Per Nordby is a speciality coffee roastery in Göteborg, Sweden. I love tasty coffee and want you to enjoy every single cup of it too.

A cup of coffee always starts with a cherry on a shrub. I look for producers that share my passion for coffee and take pride in their work. My experience is that passionate people will make the effort it takes to make a coffee special. The taste of the cup tells a story of its origin and the people behind it. I started working with coffee in the year 2000 and although the coffee I brewed then wasn’t always that great, I could sense a movement, a change for the better. I started to pursue that change.

Now, I constantly seek more knowledge on brewing, roasting, farming and processing, and I meet wonderful people who are eager to share their knowledge. When I started Kafferostare Per Nordby in 2013 I had a clear goal: To source, roast and share the best coffee I could, and never cut back on quality. That goal has not changed.

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I buy coffee from selected farms and cooperatives. I travel to Central America and East Africa annually to meet with the farmers, millers and exporters I trade with. I do this to get to know them and learn how we can work together better and better for each year.

I have a transparent, often direct, trade relation with the coffee producers. I aim to work with farmers that have an ecological, economical and social sustainable agriculture and I want to buy coffee with a high quality and individual taste profile. I have three steps in my sourcing model – transparent, relationship and direct trade.

Transparent trade

This basically means that you always can trace the coffee back to whoever grew or processed it. Sometimes I find a tasty coffee from an importer but I don’t have any direct relation with the producer myself. If the coffee is good I will buy it anyway – as long as I can trace it back to its source.

Relationship trade

Most of my coffees are traded through people I know. Sometimes I have a relationship with an importer, exporter or a dry mill. When I buy a coffee through a relationship the trade is also transparent, but maybe not direct with the producer. Many direct relations start like this and then grow into something more.

Direct trade

Most of my coffees are directly traded. This means that I do business directly with the people who works the land and owns the farms and process stations. I visit them and sometimes they visit me. We become friends. The directly traded coffees are also based on my own relationships with the producers and these coffees are always transparent.


I buy green coffee of high quality, so I wish to preserve every coffees individual taste profile as much as possible when roasting.

I roast to develop every coffee in its own unique way. A good roast will maximise the sweetness, keep the coffee transparent and balanced, and give a clean aftertaste.

I use a 15 kg Loring Smart Roast as this is the only roaster that can give me the control I need of the roast process. I use Cropster to analyse the roast process both during and after the process is done. These tools help me roast your coffee better. Of course, having 15+ years in the business and thousands of batches experience also help me in the craft of roasting.


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